Kevin Trench

It was back in 2008 when I first got into the passion of photography. Today that passion still drives me. There are two sides to this passion, the photography and then the creative, artistic side. With the way technology is being developed, I’m always wanting to improve my skills and having the knowledge of Photoshop this enables me to keep current with the demand for market-related images.

In my experience as a photographer, I’ve observed how natural light, the setting and the moment play an intricate part in capturing the subject and captivating the audience. All my work is done outdoors where I like to create a memory frozen in time that accentuates the subject with its surroundings.

I take a journalistic approach in my work whereby I’m in pursuit of capturing the moment in its most natural form. Creating a story. Other times it’s, capturing a landscape where all the elements produce a scene that’s only ever going to be there for that moment.